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Frequently Asked Questions


ProClip parts are machined and hand-tooled in Sweden from high-quality ABS and Acetal plastic and are not mass produced with injection molding. The ProClip phone mounting solution consists of two separate parts - the custom vehicle mount and custom device holder. Both parts must be purchased to complete your ProClip phone mount. Significant research and development time is required for custom vehicle mount creation for each make, model and year. Each custom holder is tested and approved with original device for optimal fit and functionality. ProClip is committed to providing a living wage to all employees which is reflected in the price point and quality of each product.


We pride ourselves on having over a 90% fulfill rate on a daily basis with our just-in-time warehouse, however some orders that cannot be shipped right away typically have a 1-10 business day turnaround time dependent on the following: 1) Older SKUs: Parts for older vehicles and cell phones must be special ordered and will receive a longer than normal ETA. 2) During the holiday season longer backorder times may apply. Please be patient and contact if you experience a backorder lasting more than 10 business days.


Full refunds (less shipping costs) are only given within 1-month of original purchase if in unopened, original condition. Items returned in unoriginal condition are subject to a restocking fee. Please contact customer service at to begin the returns process. They will follow-up with an official RMA with details. Learn more about Returns.


No. We do not process exchanges. You must return the product to receive a refund. You can then place a new order for the desired parts at any time during the return process. Learn more about Returns.


Yes. ProClip honors a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all cell phone holders and car mounts. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality, but if your ProClip does break please contact customer service and they can set you up for a warranty replacement. This warranty does not cover any product which has been damaged as a result of accident, misuse or abuse. Learn more about Warranty.


Yes. ProClip offers universal holders that are compatible with the top case brands. Universal holders have adjustable arms that adjust to fit your specific, small/medium or rugged case. Please measure the width of your case in millimeters and compare it with our top selection of universal holders.

Watch a video about measuring your protective case.


1) Start by loosening the two side arm screws located on the front face plate of the holder to release the adjustable arms. Do not completely remove these screws. 2) Widen the loosened arms and slide the device into the holder grooves. 3) Press the arms together so the device is held in place. 4) Remove the device and retighten the two side arm screws to lock the holder arms in the correct position, suitable for your device.

Watch this short video to learn more about adjusting a universal holder.


Watch this short video to learn more about device holder installation.


We offer FREE shipping via USPS First Class if your parts weigh less than (1 lb.) one pound. Most orders with one phone holder and one vehicle dashboard mount can be shipped USPS First-Class. Larger items, such as tablet holders and pedestal mounts, are too large to ship First-Class. Some vehicle dashboard mounts (e.g. Ford F-150) are larger in dimension and will also not ship First-Class. If your order qualifies, USPS First-Class will be displayed as a shipping option during checkout. (Dealers, Resellers, VARs, and Distributors are not eligible for free shipping).

Please be advised that USPS First Class shipping will take 3-7 business days to ship anywhere in the Continental USA.


Yes. You will need a Phillips screw driver to attach the device holder to the face of the vehicle mount. ProClip vehicle mounts clip into the existing dashboard seams and can be easily removed if needed.


Yes. ProClip offers multiple universal magnetic mounting options that are compatible with and without phone cases.


Yes. USB charging holders provide both power and data. Please note that ‘USB’ must be included in the product title to have this functionality.


Track my USPS First Class mail shipment

Track my FedEx shipment

Missing package that shows delivered? Use the following steps:

1) Verify the shipping address

2) Look for a notice of attempted delivery

3) Look around the delivery location for your package (neighbor’s house)

4) See if someone else accepted the delivery

5) If the package is still missing please contact:


All ProClip mounting locations are listed on our website when you navigate by make, model and year. Some vehicles do not have optimal seams to provide more than one option or alternate options to the mount already offered. Any additional mounting locations will be investigated by our Vehicle Product Manager.


ProClip travels to dealerships to test and approve new vehicle mounts once they are for sale. Normal turnaround time for newer vehicle mounts is 8-12 weeks depending on vehicle availability in our testing area. Please contact to be added to an email notification list for your desired vehicle. You will only receive an email when the vehicle mount is available for purchase.


ProClip orders popular production smartphones when they become available to the public. After we receive the smartphone, normal turnaround time for custom holders is 4-6 weeks. Please contact to be added to an email notification list for your desired holder. You will only receive an email when the device holder is available for purchase.


ProClip mainly ships to the USA and Canada. For other countries, please navigate to the ‘Choose Your Country’ wizard located at the top of our home screen. If your country is not on this list, we do not currently ship to your country. Please contact the ProClip distributor for your specific country.


Yes. Spare parts can be purchased including double-sided tape, self-tapping screws, tilt-swivel parts, gap openers, adapter blocks etc. Check out our Spare Parts page.


Yes. Prospective resellers of our products must have a physical location – No online sales of ProClip are allowed. Please contact customer service and request a reseller application.


Larger part orders will require further contact with our Business Sales Department. A B2B sales representative will contact you with more information about SKU availability, pricing, customization and potential lead-time.


No. Coupons are limited to one per order.