Taxi & Limousine

Vehicle Mounts for Taxi Cabs, Limousines and Black Car Service

ProClip offers a comprehensive line of mobile device mounting and charging solutions that meet the unique needs of the taxi and limousine industry. Our ergonomic mounts are designed to increase safety and productivity while simultaneously improving passenger satisfaction.

Taxi and limousine drivers rely on mobile technology to execute routine tasks like processing payments, printing receipts, road navigation, communicating with the dispatcher, and entertaining passengers. Our mobile mounting solutions enable seamless integration of mobile technology into daily workflow.

Popular Taxi & Limo Products:

  • Phone holders
  • Locking tablet holders
  • GPS holders
  • Dashboard mounts
  • Headrest mounts


Primary Benefits of ProClip Mounting Solutions:

  • Ease of Use and Installation
  • No damage to vehicle interior
  • All Holders and Dashboard Mounts are Custom-Made and Precision Fit
  • Improve worker efficiency and productivity
  • Increase safety by ensuring mobile devices are mounted securely and within easy reach
  • Protect mobile computing devices from damage
  • Keep mobile device batteries charged
  • Ensure keyboards, screens, scanners, and docking/charging ports are easily accessible