About Us

ProClip USA was started in a basement by CEO Bjorn Spilling after he moved to the United States from Norway in the late 1990s. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, we are the exclusive importer and distributor of ProClip mobile device mounting solutions for all of North and South America with products that are manufactured in Karlsborg, Sweden by Brodit AB, a company that was established in 1983 to provide communication device mounting solutions for in-vehicle use.

Our Mission

To provide safe and high-quality mounting solutions for any mobile device that you use on a regular basis in your car or at your workplace. 

Purpose-Built Mounts for Your Workplace

The very first ProClip line of products was developed for mounting meters in taxis, two-way radios, and cell phones without damaging the dashboard. As mobile device technology has evolved and the places we use those devices has evolved, so too, has ProClip.

You can now find ProClip products deployed everywhere, with thousands of mounting solutions for industry-leading devices. ProClip USA services many business industries from fleet and delivery services to warehousing, waste disposal, healthcare, military, public safety and more. Our innovative designs and durable products improve worker safety and productivity by keeping mobile devices secure, fully charged and within an easy reach.

ProClip Mounts in Your Car

For your everyday car or truck, we specialize in a high-quality two-part mounting system.

The first part is the exact-fit vehicle mount that is designed specifically for the exact make, model, and year of the vehicle. It clips into the existing seams of the dashboard with no professional installation required. It simply snaps into place for a solid mounting platform.

The second part is a device holder that gets attached to the face plate of the vehicle mounting base. The device holder is made for the device being mounted, whether it is the latest and greatest phone or an older phone you have been using for years. This modular approach gives everyone the ability to choose exactly the mounting system that works best in their vehicle.


The ProClip Difference

It all starts with superior manufacturing processes and high-quality materials.

Our products are manufactured by CNC machines using high-quality ABS and acetal polymers (the same plastic used inside your car). This precision CNC machining process enables us to rapidly create prototypes and introduce new products at a fraction of the typical cost of injection molding.

Our manufacturing process allows us to have shorter lead times and gives us the ability to handle requests for one mounting solution for your mint condition 1999 Jeep Wrangler or a fleet of 2018 Freightliner Business Class M2 semi-trucks.

With our industry-leading partners, Zebra, Samsung, OtterBox, Scosche Industries, COBB Tuning, we ensure that we can provide our customers with the highest quality products and leading technology across every industry.

Giving Back

We take great pride in our community, partnering with local organizations.

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