The Best in Tablet Cradles

ProClip provides a wide range of cradle options to accommodate both small and large tablets, with or without cases, covers, and skins.

The ModTek Dock and Cradle system is at the forefront of innovation, supporting USB 3.1 and delivering maximum protection and usability. Additionally, ProClip offers custom cradles tailored to specific devices, as well as universal tablet cradles, all designed to fit popular tablet brands.

  • Fast Turnarounds - 2 to 6 Weeks
  • Durability - Lowest Industry Failure Rates 
  • Mounting Experts - Professional Guidance 

ModTek Dock & Cradles

A rugged case and dock combination offering unrivaled durability, efficiency and compatibility with the power of USB-C.

Custom Tablet Cradles

Universal Tablet Cradles

We Support These Brands and More

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