Tablet Belt Clip

When your job requires you to carry and use your tablet on the job, you need a way to holster your mobile device so that you can free up both hands for other uses.  


The Tablet Belt Clip from RUNNUR® frees you up to be more productive when you’re doing your job. No more packing and unpacking your tablet, setting it down and forgetting it or worse, dropping it during use.  


  • Easy, 1-second tablet access 
  • Prevents dropped tablets  
  • Keeps your device secure 


Much like a carpenter holsters a hammer on the job, the Tablet Belt Clip acts as your Tablet Holster, conveniently there at your side when you need it and clipped to your hip when you don’t. 

Our Tablet Belt Clip is the safest, most secure and most accessible way to carry a tablet in the field, hands-free!