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Mounting Solutions for Commercial and Private Airplanes

ProClip airplane mounts can be custom-made to fit exactly where you need it in the cockpit, keeping your tablet secured and maximizing cockpit space. Our mounts can be designed to be attached to any preferred surface, yoke, clipboards, or rods by the pilot on each side of the cockpit.


We make it easy for pilots to remove the tablet for easy carrying and transferring between planes. Our quick release plate is designed to quickly attach and remove any ProClip tablet holder for iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung or any other mobile devices.

ProClip Mounts In the Sky. Our mounts have been deployed in a variety of smaller airplanes to many US regional airline fleets including: SkyWest, ExpressJet, Endeavor Air, Compass Air, GoJet, Trans States Airlines, Air Canada Express and more. These mounts are FAA and EFB approved. They all attach to clipboards and rods in the cockpit and are pilot removable.


ProClip mounts are built to last. All of our mounts are built with high-quality ABS and Acetal plastics and aluminum. You don’t have to worry about the shock, impact and vibrations – your tablet will be protected.


Our two-part mounting approach means no matter the plane and no matter the tablet, we have a custom mount for your needs. 

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From off-the-shelf modular solutions to full custom solutions, we can you up and running in days with stocked items or as little as 2- 4 week lead times for full custom solutions.

Mounts for Every Industry

No matter what your job calls for, you can trust our mounts to protect your investments in any industry.

Proven Durability

Built with high-grade ABS and acetal polymers that can withstand the harshest conditions.

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The Toughest ELD Mounts

Our mounts are built to last in the harshest conditions.

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Mounting solutions designed for the technology in your warehouse.

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Keep your devices ready and available when you need them.

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Our CNC machining process produces exact-fitting parts at fast speeds

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We use the highest-grade polymers and metals for strength and durability

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Swedish design and manufacturing ensure consistent quality

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