Public Utilities

Service Vehicle Mounts for Water, Telephone, Gas and Electric Companies

Utility professionals use mobile computing devices to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their delivery vehicles. At ProClip we understand the wide range of mobile devices and technologies used every day by Public Utility professionals. Whether tablets, two-way radios, handheld mobile computers, barcode scanning or GPS devices, it is our mission to provide innovative and dependable mounting and charging solutions to meet your requirements and get the job done.

ProClip mounts are custom designed and purpose-made to handle a variety of devices, extreme temperatures and high vibration. We provide commercial-grade vehicle and pedestals mounts for securing and powering the devices that facilitate the integration of mobile technology into your daily workflow. Don’t settle for a consumer-grade mount. Get a ProClip!


Our mobile mounting solutions:

  • Improve worker efficiency and productivity
  • Increase safety by ensuring mobile devices are mounted securely and within easy reach
  • Protect mobile computing device from damage
  • Keep mobile device batteries charged
  • Ensure keyboards, screens, scanners, and docking/charging ports are easily accessible