Tablet Headrest Mounts

The Safest Backseat Headrest Tablet Mounts

Headrest Mounts for Ipads and TabletsOur Universal Tablet Headrest Mounts are the perfect accessory for entertaining backseat passengers with games, movies and more. Don't settle for the expensive entertainment package - we have an affordable solution that uses your current tablet technology!



ProClip universal headrest mounts attach firmly to the headrest posts of your vehicle and provide the perfect base for mounting your iPad or other tablet. This is the safest location for mounting rear-seat entertainment tablets. Our adjustable headrest mounts have been tested with the most stringent automotive industry crash tests.


To find the headrest mount that best fits your vehicle, measure the inner length and outer length of the distance between your headrest posts. Use the chart below to determine the adjustable headrest mount that will best fit your vehicle based on your measurements. You will fall into one of three categories: small, medium or large.


Headrest Mount Dimensions

Easy to Install

Installing your phone mount is easy. It takes just a few minutes and you don’t need a professional to help.

Perfect Fit

It’s the perfect fit. Your phone is mounted securely so you can keep your eyes where they belong. On the road.

Built to Last

No more flimsy suction cups and vent clips. ProClip phone mounts are built to last with high-quality plastics.