Public Safety Mounting Solutions

Device Mounts for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Vehicles

ProClip offers rugged mobile mounting solutions that meet the exacting demands of the emergency response industry. Whether responding to a medical emergency, forced entry or hazardous waste spill, first responders depend on their ProClip mobile device holders and mounts to perform well under pressure.

We specialize in accommodating the critical mission requirements of public safety workers. ProClip products are machined and hand tooled from high grade corrosion-resistant materials which ensure a durable, high-quality result. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process enables us to deliver mounting systems designed to handle the unique physical environments confronted by the police, fire department and ambulance drivers.

ProClip is committed to working closely with your IT department to provide reliable mobile mounting solutions that help achieve your mission. Our mobile mounting solutions enable the seamless integration of mobile technology into daily workflow.


Why ProClip Mounting Solutions: 

  • Built to perform in demanding environments
  • Improve worker efficiency and productivity
  • Increase safety by ensuring mobile devices are mounted securely and within easy reach
  • Protect mobile computing devices from damage
  • Keep mobile device batteries charged
  • Ensure keyboards, screens, scanners, and docking/charging ports are easily accessible

What Device Are You Mounting?

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Unmatched Lead Times

From off-the-shelf modular solutions to full custom solutions, we can you up and running in days with stocked items or as little as 2 to 6 week lead times for full custom solutions.

Mounts for Every Industry

No matter what your job calls for, you can trust our mounts to protect your investments in any industry.

Proven Durability

Built with high-grade ABS and acetal polymers that can withstand the harshest conditions.

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The Toughest ELD Mounts

Our mounts are built to last in the harshest conditions.

Built for Your Warehouse

Mounting solutions designed for the technology in your warehouse.

Keeping Devices Accessible

Keep your devices ready and available when you need them.

Put our mounts to work for you.

Get in touch to discover the ProClip difference and how our Purpose-Built Mounts just work.

Precise Fit

Our CNC machining process produces exact-fitting parts at fast speeds

Built to Last Quality

We use the highest-grade polymers and metals for strength and durability

Attention to Detail

Swedish design and manufacturing ensure consistent quality

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