Direct USB-C Charging Cradles for Zebra ET60 | ET65

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Direct USB-C Charging Cradles for Zebra ET60 | ET65 ensure a secure mount, effectively protecting the device from wear and tear. These cradles have been rigorously tested for forklift vibration (16Grms) and USB-C insertion (20K) to ensure your tablet remains securely docked and fully functional in the harshest working environments


These cradles offer direct USB-C access to the tablet, enabling simultaneous rapid charging and high-speed data transfer under the Power Delivery (PD) 3.1 standard. The USB-C connection is versatile, allowing for seamless integration with various accessories such as scanners, keyboards, printers, and more. Additionally, the design of the cradle facilitates easy one-handed docking and undocking, enhancing user convenience.

ET60 | ET65

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Forklift Ready

Easily attach your Zebra ET60 | ET65 device to any forklift for enhanced mobility and convenience.

Mount Anywhere with Pedestals

We make it easy to mount your Zebra devices anywhere with our heavy-duty pedestals.

Put our Direct USB-C Charging Cradles to work for you.

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Precise Fit

Our CNC machining process produces exact-fitting parts at fast speeds

Built to Last Quality

We use the highest-grade polymers and metals for strength and durability

Attention to Detail

Swedish design and manufacturing ensure consistent quality

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