Pixel 8 Holders

Google Pixel 8 Phone Holders

Don't settle for anything but the best Pixel 8 car phone holder!


ProClip offers phone holders designed to fit Google Pixel models like the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. With a design that accommodates slim to rugged cases, you'll find ProClip the best car phone holder for your Pixel phone.


The ProClip mounting solution is comprised of two parts, a mounting base that snaps tightly into the seams of the dashboard for a solid fit and the Google Pixel phone holder itself which attaches securely to the base. Unlike flimsy vent clips or bulky suction cup mounts that can create unsafe blind spots while driving, ProClip mounts give you the most secure and safest mount for your Samsung phone while you drive.

Pixel 8 Phone Holders

The Two-Part Mounting Solution

The Mounting Base

Our exact-fit mounting bases are made specifically for most car and truck models. The mounts easily snap into the seams of the dashboard for a solid and secure fit so you can mount your phone with confidence.

The Device Holder

Our holders are designed specifically for your smartphone, GPS or other mobile devices. Phone holder options can fit phones with or without cases, and charge wirelessly or with charging cables.

Easy to Install

Installing your phone mount is easy. It takes just a few minutes and you don’t need a professional to help.

Perfect Fit

It’s the perfect fit. Your phone is mounted securely so you can keep your eyes where they belong. On the road.

Built to Last

No more flimsy suction cups and vent clips. ProClip phone mounts are built to last with high-quality plastics.

Your phone mount awaits.

Get your two-part phone mount today.

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