Our Manufacturing Process

Flexible Solution Options to Meet Your Business Needs

To meet the rapidly evolving demands of our corporate clients, we specialize in fast design turnaround. High volume? Low volume? No problem. Our experienced team will work with you to understand your needs and identify a solution that meets your budget and your timetable. We offer products in four categories:



We have thousands of commercial off-the-shelf mobile device holder and mounting solutions in several equipment categories. Our products are designed to accommodate any special requirements, including powered solutions, USB ports, third party cables, direct connection to other equipment and spring or key locking options.


Custom Designs and Rapid Prototyping

Before we build your custom mobile device holder, we learn how your people use mobile technology. Our experienced engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing process enables us to offer short and long production runs with an extremely quick turnaround time. This gives you the ability to field test our products in an efficient and cost effective manner.



Another option to consider is a compromise between off-the-shelf and custom. Our off-the-shelf mounting solutions can be modified to meet your individual needs. This option results in lower front-end cost and faster delivery.



We embrace the opportunity to collaborate with your organization to design mobile device holders around your product or service. Whether you produce tablet computers, mobile software or cellular phone apps, our team of experienced engineers can help you develop mobile device holders that enhance the market value of your offering.