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Tablet Holders

Tablet Holders

Custom Tablet Holders for Your Car

ProClip custom tablet holders bring hands-free convenience to your portable technology. Compatible with many ProClip dashboard mounts and all headrest mounts, our tablet holders for cars and trucks can be customized to mount virtually any device with or without a protective case.  

Our custom Tablet Holders accommodate many configurations:

  • Heavy-duty key lock holders for additional security
  • Spring lock holders for safety with quick access
  • Holders with tilt-swivel to allow for viewing in portrait or landscape mode
  • Charging holders via Hard Wire, USB or Cig Plug Adapter


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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Only our crash-tested locking (key or spring lock) Tablet Holders are suitable for use with our Headrest Mounts. Use of any other holder on our Headrest Mounts may cause injury or death.