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Pedestal Mounts

Pedestal Mounts

ProClip offers a wide range of high-performance pedestal mounts to accommodate almost any installation. A critical component of the overall mounting solution, the pedestal mount ensures the device is secure, in view and within convenient reach of the vehicle or machine operator. Pedestal mounts are strong and easily adjustable for efficiency and safety of the tablet, mobile computer or scanner.

For lighter-weight devices such as smart phones, smaller tablets, scanners, radios and mobile printers, our Standard-Duty pedestal mounts offer ease of use, virtually unlimited device positioning and a modest price point.

For larger and heavier devices or when mounting mobile devices in extreme environments or those subject to high levels of shock and vibration, ProClip offers two styles of solid-core aluminum pedestal mounts: Heavy-Duty and Super-Duty.

Do you use a tablet or iPad as a point of sales system in your restaurant or retail store? Do you sell mobile devices but need a better way to display them? ProClip Retail-POS pedestal mounts may be the right solution for you.