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Other Accessories

Looking for something else to add to your mounting setup? We have other mobile electronic device accessories; such as car power adapters, notepad holders, and headset hooks. These accessories can be used in your vehicle along with your ProClip device-specific holder and vehicle-specific mount.

  • 7 Results

If you are using a device with a belt clip on the back or a case with a button on the back, you can conveniently hang it in your car or on a wall using the Button and Clip Holder. The V-slot is designed to allow belt clips or holster buttons to hang on it.

  • Two different size options for large and small belt-clips
  • Accommodate devices, cases, or holsters that have buttons or belt clips
  • Holds device securely
  • Easily slide device in and out
  • Can be attached to any flat surface or mounting bracket (Demo ProClip Car Mount shown in picture)
$11.99 USD
Item 100772
Perfect for use in rental cars, RVs etc.! The Friction Mount can simply be placed on the dashboard. It will keep everything in plain sight when you need it and out of the way when you don't. Attach a device holder to the face plate and you are all set to go.
  • When not in use the face plate and holder can be removed from the Friction Mount so it is easier to carry it in your luggage
  • Friction material underneath the mount makes it stick to the dashboard fairly well
  • May slide during sharp turns, braking and speeding
$39.99 USD
Item 215100
Keep a notepad and pen handy. Notepad and pen included. Attaches to any of our ProClip vehicle specific mounts. Additional notepads sold separately.

DO NOT use while driving!

  • Pad and pen included
  • Holds notepad and pen securely
  • Holder can tilt 15 degrees in any direction and swivel 360 degrees
$34.99 USD

Notepad refills to be used with our Notepad Holder.

  • Notepad refills for our notepad holder
  • For use with item 215100
  • Available in 5 or 10 packs
$9.99 USD - $19.99 USD

The goose neck mount will bring your device closer for easy reach. It can be screwed into any flat surface and can be adjusted to face you for optimal viewing. Attach a Holder to the face plate of the mount and you are all set.

This item is meant to replace a ProClip vehicle specific mount. DO NOT use with a ProClip vehicle specific mount!

  • Flexible goose neck available in two different lengths
  • Face plates use the AMPS hole pattern
  • No mounting hardware included
$49.99 USD
Item 810721

Fits headrest posts: Size: (Min. inner - 123mm or 4 3/4 inch) to (Max. outer - 183mm or 7 3/16 inch)

$65.99 USD
Item 215421
This Small Pedestal Mount can angle, tilt, swivel and extend your holder/device for a better viewing position. This mount swivels 360 degrees horizontally and vertically. It extends 2.5 inches/ 62 mm and can be attached to any flat surface.
  • AMPS hole pattern for ProClip device holders
  • Multi angle swivel allows adjustment in all three dimensions
  • Great for use with ProClip console mounts to add height and adjustment
$49.99 USD
  • 7 Results