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Transportation, Logistics, Trucking and Delivery Vehicle Mounts

Today’s fleet manager faces the daunting challenge of equipping operators and vehicles with the latest in mobile technologies. With new devices being launched from many leading manufacturers, combined with fleets made up of a wide variety of trucks from old to new, it is no small task to identify, qualify, test, deploy and support mobile devices and the ever-expanding applications they deliver.

When a new mobile device is launched, we design and produce a vehicle-ready holder or custom enclosure for it. When a new truck is produced, we go to work designing and producing several custom mounts to accommodate the dimensions of that specific dashboard. The combination is exactly what today’s fleet manager needs: a precision-made mounting solution for their mobile device or devices and optimized mounts for each truck in their fleet. Our products are precision-machined from high grade aluminum and durable polymers and assembled in Sweden by experts in the trade.

Fleet managers across the country trust ProClip vehicle mounts and device holders to help them deploy the mobile technologies they count on every day.

  • Device-Specific Custom Vehicle Cradles
  • Vehicle-Specific Custom Dashboard Mounts
  • Hard-Wired and CLA Power Options
  • Fixed Mount or Quick Release Configurations
  • Keep Your Device Securely Mounted, Powered and in Optimal Location

ELD Mandate Fleet Mounting Solutions