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Bike Phone Mount

Easily Access Fitness Tracking Apps and GPS with Phone Bike Mounts

Fitness tracking on mobile devices has become the norm recently for the modern, active lifestyle. There are arm bands that hold our phones in place while we run, but what about while we ride our bikes? It's inconvenient, and not to mention dangerous, to fumble around looking for your phone while riding a bike. Especially if you need to track mileage or use GPS navigation.

Whether you're commuting to work or just on a leisurely afternoon ride, mounting your phone to your bike has never been easier. Our Butterfly Bike Phone Mount installs easily on the handlebars of a bicycle. It's adjustable so it can be used with a variety of devices both with and without a case. Stretch the silicone "wings" around all 4 corners of your device for a very secure fit, even over rough roads. Or, the same custom phone holder you love to use in your car can also be used on your bike with our Adjustable Top Support and Strap Mount Kit.

  • 2 Results
Item 215583
The ProClip Handlebar Mount attaches securely to round materials such as handlebars and pipes. The Face Plate accommodates all ProClip Device Holders and other device holders with the AMPS Hole Pattern.
  • Smallest diameter pipe or bar - 15mm (5/8 inch)
  • Largest diameter pipe or bar - 50mm (2 inch)
  • Attaches securely to round handlebars or any round pipe
  • The face plate accommodates all ProClip device holders and other device holders with the AMPS hole pattern
$24.99 USD
Item 100656
This kit includes a top support and a handle bar mount. Combine this with a ProClip device specific holder and you have a perfect solution for using your device on a set of handlebars.

Maximum phone height for use with this item is 142 mm (5.6 in). Please measure your phone to ensure a proper fit!

Fits most handlebars or pipes with a diameter of 19 mm (3/4 in) to 30 mm (1 1/8 in)

  • Top support keeps your phone in the holder even on rough roads
  • Pipe / Bar Diameter: 1 inch / 26 mm
  • Phone holder required. Sold Separately
$84.99 USD
  • 2 Results