12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Barrel Plug

Part #941023


12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Barrel Plug

Part #941023


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  • Fits Cigarette Lighter Adapters
  • Integrated Mini Blade Fuse (5A)
  • Modular Cabling
  • 5.5mm Barell Jack
  • 2.3mm Center Pin (+)
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This power supply is used for ProClip products that require 12V power like those for Zebra ET50 Series tablets.

This Cigarette Lighter Adapter is designed to take 12/24V power from vehicle cigarette lighter plugs and accessory power ports and covert it to regulated 12V power.  The output is a 5.5mm barrel jack with a 2.3mm center pin that is positively charged.  

The power conversion box supports up to 48V input and features modular input and output cables for easy upgrade and replacement in the future. The Cigarette Lighter Adapter includes a 5A mini blade fuse and the conversion box has a resettable fuse to prevent any damage to the attached device. 




  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
    • Integrated Mini Blade Fuse (5A)
    • Input Power: 12 - 48V DC at Up to 3A
    • 20" (.5 Meter) Cable (#IP1358)
  • Output Power: 12VDC at 3A
    • 5.5mm Barrel, 2.3mm Center Pin (+)
    • 30" (.75 Meter) Cable to Barrel Jack (#IP1359)
California Prop 65 Warning

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