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Tough Sleeve Charging Tablet Holders


Tough Sleeve Charging Tablet Holders


Choosing the right tablet for your business is only half the battle. Decision makers want to know how to keep the investment safe. That’s where we can help.

The ProClip Tough Sleeve Charging Tablet Holder is a protective sleeve with shock absorbing design that protects the tablet from bumps and drops. The sleek, rugged and custom-machined ABS sleeve completely encapsulates and protects the tablet while simultaneously providing integrated power.

The Tough Sleeve includes a quick release sliding power block (SPB) on the back for easy docking and transfer of power and data. Bring the Tough Sleeve with you and keep the tablet fully charged when you switch between vehicles or move from vehicle to warehouse to job site.





  • Up to 4-foot drop protection on concrete
  • Driver removable with easy slide on and off design
  • Easy access to the camera, headphone jacks and all buttons
  • Optional key lock available for added security
  • Compatible with 12 and 24-volt vehicle systems



Tough Sleeves Save Your Business Money

Save Your Business Money

A quick cost analysis will show that device protection will save you money in the long run. Drop tested and built to last, the Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve enables workers to become mobile and streamline their existing workflow. Accidental damage is now avoidable and your devices are certain to last another fiscal year, if not two.


Tough Sleeves Improve Workplace Efficiency

Improve Workplace Efficiency

Mobile charging supports all-day device deployment virtually anywhere within the enterprise. The integration of docking and charging allows your workforce to focus on the task at hand. Available in three different power configurations: Hard Wired (fixed installation), USB Cigarette Plug or AC-Powered Wall Outlet.



ProClip Tough Sleeves

The ProClip Tough Sleeve can be mounted to a dashboard using either a pedestal for extra length, or a dashboard mount made specifically for leading truck makes and models. ProClip’s Tough Sleeve will protect, mount and power virtually any tablet.




Tough Sleeve Drop Test with Tab E 8.0



Tough Sleeve Sliding Power Block