Heavy-Duty Forklift Mount, 8 Inch Arm, 3.375 x 5.125 Inch Clamp

Part #215890


Heavy-Duty Forklift Mount, 8 Inch Arm, 3.375 x 5.125 Inch Clamp

Part #215890


  • Solid-core aluminum for exceptional strength
  • Smaller teeth than our super-duty pedestals for more adjustment options
  • The forklift mount can be mounted on square surfaces, perfect for forklift cages
  • Not compatible with ProClip Super-Duty pedestals


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Perfect for use with all types of forklifts. It will keep everything in plain sight when you need it and out of the way when you don't. Attach a device holder to the included pedestal and you are all set to go.

California Prop 65 WARNING


  • Provides the perfect mounting platform
  • Clips into the seams of the dashboard
  • Easily attach a device holder to the mount
  • Secure fit within easy reach from the driver's seat
  • No holes or damage to your dashboard


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Pedestal has a 90 degree offset to allow more adjustment options
  • Round base plates with multiple AMPS mounting positions
  • Comes with complete set of screws in various sizes, allowing for the forklift mount to span from 130mm to 5mm


How To Install

Easy to Install

Perfect Fit

Built to Last

Mounting Options

For easy and optimal installation combine the charging holder with one of the mount options shown below or attch it directly to any surface.