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Apple iPhone XS Max Phone Holders

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Item 711083

Adjustable holder for your iPhone with a small to medium sized case.

  • Case thickness: 3-10 mm (0.12-0.39 in)
  • Case Width: 80-94 mm (3.14-3.70 in)
  • Example Cases: Apple Leather or Silicone, Speck Candy Shell, and Tech 21 Evo Mesh
$39.99 USD
Item 511804
Custom fit holder for your iPhone without a case.
  • Custom fit: Only for the bare device
  • Includes tilt-swivel: Angle holder 15 degrees in any direction
  • Padded finish: Protects device from scratching
$34.99 USD
Item 100364

This wireless magnetic charger delivers up to 10W of charging power, making it compatible with Apple and Samsung Wireless Fast Charging. Not only do these wireless magnetic charging mounts deliver fast wireless charging, they also provide two points of magnetic contact for a solid hold via powerful, rare-earth, neodymium magnets.

  • Apple and Samsung Fast Charge Compatible
  • Powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets are 100% device safe
  • Adapter compatible with any ProClip vehicle specific mount (vehicle mount sold separately)
  • Includes 2 MagicPlates, 1 for bare phone; 1 for phone with case (not for use with 3rd party plates)
$74.99 USD
Item 711084

Adjustable holder for your iPhone with a rugged style case.

  • Case thickness: 11-14 mm (0.43-0.55 in)
  • Case width: 80-94 mm (3.14-3.70 in)
  • Example case: OtterBox Defender
$39.99 USD
Item 100362

MagicMount Pro XL Surface is here! This mount has larger more powerful magnets to safely secure your device to your ProClip vehicle mount, walls, and more. They come with a large and small MagicPlate for different size devices.

  • Can be attached directly to the face of a ProClip vehicle mount
  • Mount device in portrait, landscape or any angle in between.
  • Permits safe and easy one-handed device use and access to all controls and ports.
  • Customize the look of the mount with 2 interchangeable trim rings (Black and Silver)
$24.99 USD