Case Study: New Enterprise Stone & Lime

ProClip Provides Samsung Tablet Mounting Solutions for NESL


Customer: New Enterprise Stone & Lime

Industry: Fleet

Timeframe: 12 months

Number of mounting solutions: 500+


Company Overview

New Enterprise Stone & Lime (NESL) provides construction materials and general contractor services in both the public and private sectors. The family-owned company is committed to safety, communication, and innovation, and they pride themselves on being dedicated to their employees, as well as operating in an environmentally conscious and ethical manner.


The Challenge

New Enterprise Stone & Lime started using Central Dispatch Truck Tracking Software with Samsung Galaxy tablets, and they needed a solution for mounting these tablets in their fleet. They were working on a short timeline, and they were unable to find an off-the-shelf model to meet their needs.


ProClip’s Solution

After being referred by another company, NESL reached out to ProClip to find a solution that would meet their needs and short timeframe. ProClip was able to provide tablet mounting solutions that were high-quality and delivered within two weeks of the order being placed.

The first part of this two-part mounting solution consisted of a charging holder for the Samsung tablet. There were two options, based on the tablet used and the driver’s needs. Our Charging Holders with Spring Lock for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 provide security with ease of device removal and integrated charging. Our Charging Tough Sleeve Holders for Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 protect the tablet while providing integrated charging and docking in the vehicle. Both options feature hard-wired power systems to provide around the clock charging.

The second part of the two-part solution included a 6.5” Standard Duty Pedestal Mount, which provides a sturdy base for securing the tablets to the dashboard and features a 360-degree swivel. Our pedestal mounts easily attach to the dash and do not require special installation. The tablet holders are then attached to the base plate of the pedestal mount. This setup provided an affordable mounting solution that could be used in any of NESL’s trucks, regardless of make and model.



NESL deployed the mounting solutions in three locations across a 12-month period. They plan to work with ProClip again when they need to order for additional tablets and trucks.

The company has been very pleased with the mounting solutions, as expressed by their Chief Information Officer Michael Berkley, “we could not find an off-the-shelf model to meet our needs but fortunately ProClip was able to develop a quality mount in a timely manner at a very reasonable price. We continue to use ProClip today for our equipment needs.”

The Two-Part Mounting Solution

The Mounting Base

Our exact-fit mounting bases are made specifically for most car and truck models. The mounts easily snap into the seams of the dashboard for a solid and secure fit so you can mount your phone with confidence.

The Device Holder

Our holders are designed specifically for your smartphone, GPS or other mobile devices. Phone holder options can fit phones with or without cases, and charge wirelessly or with charging cables.

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