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Ford F-150 Dashboard Mounts

Ford F-150 Dashboard Mounts

Ford F-150 Mounting Bases

The Ford F-150 has been rated as the world’s most popular vehicle and the best-selling pickup truck in America. What people love most about this truck is its reliability. You can go from mountains to desert and travel between extreme temperatures and the F-150 will not fail you. ProClip dashboard mounting bases are extremely sturdy and long-lasting to match the quality of your Ford F-150 truck.


Ford F-150 Dashboard Mount Features

  • Three minute easy install!
  • No dismantling or drilling of your Ford dashboard
  • Clips tightly into the seams of the dashboard for a secure fit
  • Easily removable with no damage to the vehicle’s interior
  • Constructed out of durable, high-grade ABS plastic


Featured F-150 Dashboard Mount

ProClip Center Mount – Extra strength mounting platform

ProClip Center Mount – Extra Strength Mounting Platform

This center mount is one of our top-selling dashboard mounts for the Ford F-150. Select your vehicle year to see mounts compatible with your Ford truck.

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Video: ProClip USA Center Mount 2015 - 2018 Ford F-150