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Mounting Solutions for Commercial and Private Airplanes

ProClip mounting solutions are ideal for use by airline workers and pilots who frequently transfer devices between planes. Our lightweight, high-quality designs keep tablets and other mobile computing devices in the optimal position for accessing charts, maps and other navigation tools that help keep flights on-track and on-time. ProClip mobile device mounts and holders are the all-in-one custom fit solution for the aviation industry.

ProClip tablet holders for iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Windows make it more convenient to display safety videos, collect information, entertain passengers, and process payments. Our holders are designed to handle the shock, impact and vibrations commonly associated with commercial aviation. We offer a wide range of durable pedestal mounts and mobile device holders that facilitate the integration of mobile technology into the daily workflow of today’s aviation professional.

Our mobile mounting solutions:

  • Are user friendly and increase tablet portability
  • Improve worker efficiency and productivity
  • Increase safety by ensuring mobile devices are mounted securely and within easy reach
  • Protect mobile computing devices from damage
  • Keep mobile device batteries charged
  • Ensure keyboards, screens, scanners, and docking/charging ports are easily accessible
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Item 213506
For installation of devices on aircraft yokes. Thumbscrews allow quick removal without tools. Combine with a ProClip device specific holder for a total solution.

Designed for yoke shafts between 19 mm (0.75 in) and 30 mm (1.125 in).

  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Attaches securely to the yoke shaft of small airplanes
  • Accommodates most ProClip Device Holders and other device holders
  • Designed for yoke shafts between 19 mm (0.75 in) and 30 mm (1.125 in)
$69.99 USD
  • 1 Results