Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holders

iOauto Magnetic Phone Holders

Universal Magnetic Phone MountsThe iOauto System is a universal device holder that makes securing your phone in your car easier than ever. The key is a magnetic core that provides a strong hold, yet easily releases your device with a simple tug. The result is a sleek, modern design that's compatible with almost any phone, small-tablet or GPS.

The ProClip USA iOauto System consists of three parts: a magnetic core and base that hold the device, a vehicle-specific mount and a steel disk.

Here's how they work together:
  • Secure the iOmounts base and magnetic core to an installed ProClip vehicle mount
  • Attach the supplied iOadapt steel disc to your phone, tablet or other small device
  • This thin disc allows you to magnetically mount your device to the iOmounts core

The Magnetic Phone Mount Rotates 360 Degrees
You have two options to choose from: the iOauto and the iOauto Pro. Both allow for infinite rotation so you can switch your device between portrait and landscape, but the iOauto Pro sits atop a silver sphere base that allows you to tilt your device up to 45 degrees in any direction.

Watch the videos below or learn more about the iOauto System.