Universal Belt Clip | Variant Test

Part #102600


Universal Belt Clip | Variant Test

Part #102600


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The Tablet Belt Clip is the first and only product of it’s kind. It will allow you to lock and carry any standard device on the side of your hip, and then access it within one second when needed.

Simply bond the Mounting Plate and Tether Plate onto the back of the tablet case (Case Not Included) then insert the Buckle attachment. When you are ready to wear it, simply attach the hip pad onto your belt, and clip the safety cord to the tether plate.


  • Device must have a hard, flat back for the Belt Clip to adhere
  • The Tablet Belt Clip allows you to easily carry a tablet on your belt like any other tool
  • Easy to assemble Mounting Plate secured with peel and bond adhesive
  • Buckle Mechanism locks tablet to hip when not in use
  • Quick-Press release button allows instant access to tablet in less than 1 second
  • Security Cord [included] prevents dropping to avoid costly delays in repair
  • Reduces the probability of loss and theft
  • Perfect for jobs that require two hands


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