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Spring Lock Adjustable Holders

Spring Lock Adjustable Holders
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  • Works for tablets without case
  • Includes spring lock for secure hold and convenient removal of the device
  • Angle holder 15 degrees any direction
  • Rotate between portrait and landscape view
  • Three different size options to fit different tablets

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Only for use with ProClip heavy-duty dash mounts or aluminum pedestal mounts!

Three different size adjustments available. Check the dropdown box above and choose the correct one for your tablet's size.

This universal adjustable ProClip Tablet holder is designed to fit most tablets without a case. Once the holder is adjusted for the right size it will allow you to easily insert and remove the device using our spring lock. With this tablet holder you can use your tablet in landscape or portrait view, and easily rotate between the two positions. You can also angle/tilt the tablet 15 degrees for better viewing and to avoid glare.

Sizing Specs:

  • Small size fits: 180 - 210 mm (7.09 - 8.27 in) height and 115 - 138 mm (4.53 - 5.43 in) width
  • Medium size fits: 210 - 240 mm (8.27 - 9.45 in) height and 136 - 164 mm (5.35 - 6.46 in) width
  • Large size fits: 180 - 210 mm (7.09 - 8.27 in) height and 115 - 138 mm (4.53 - 5.43 in) width