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Heavy-Duty Pedestal Bases

Heavy-Duty Pedestal Bases
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  • Very strong construction
  • Supports heavy devices
  • Provides a firm installation
  • Create your own solution
  • Available with round or square mounting plates
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This Pedestal Mount base adds a mounting platform to a Pedestal Mount Extension Rod. It offers an AMPS hole pattern for securing device holders and attaching to other surfaces. The base has teeth for interlocking joints providing a very strong connection. It is made of aluminum, a material which provides extremely strong and durable products of low weight.

Creates an extra sturdy and secure mounting platform that can be used with aircraft, boats and a variety of vehicles (e.g. personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, police vehicles, trucks, tractors, fork lifts and RVs).

A Pedestal Mount AMPS Base along with our heavy duty Pedestal Mount Extension Rods allow you to mount a wide variety of products such as tablets, mobile computers/scanning devices, payment terminals, two-way radios, navigation units, rugged PDAs, printers, and mobile phones.


  • Smaller teeth than our super-duty pedestals for more adjustment options
  • Provides a firm installation
  • Easily disassembled
  • Create your own solution
  • Not compatible with super-duty versions


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Total length: 1.5 inches / 39 mm