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iOauto Pro Magnetic Core

iOauto Pro Magnetic Core
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  • Holds your device securely in place on the iOauto Pro Sphere
  • Universal design for many devices
  • 45 degree side adjustment together with infinite rotational adjustment
  • Sleek modern design
  • 1 (One) iOauto Pro Magnetic Core only
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NOTICE: This item is the magnetic core only. It is designed to work together with the iOauto sphere. NOT for use with phones designed to detect manufacturer flip-cover cases. This is strictly because the magnet can put the phone into sleep or docking modes. Known phones with this feature are the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Mega, LG G3, Moto G, Nexus 6 and HTC One (M8 & M9). iO products will not work with MOST silicone cases/covers.

Our iOauto Pro Magnetic Core brings additional color options to your iOauto Pro mounting solution. When attached to the iOauto Pro Sphere and mounting plate (ProClip number 710312), it holds your device securely in place on the dashboard. iOauto Pro Magnetic Mount offers a sleek and modern universal design for many devices. The iOauto Pro magnetic mount can be screwed onto our vehicle dashboard mount or any flat surface. It easily and securely fits into any ProClip Locking Move Clip. The iOauto Pro Sphere creates a 45 degree side adjustment together with infinite rotational adjustment. The iOauto Pro ships with two iOadapts (Circular thin metalic plate) for use with more than one phone or tablet. The iOadapt can be attached to any flat or slightly curved surface e.g. back of cell phone, PDA, Remote Control, Cordless Phone, MP3 Player etc. Even some cases. The adhesive on the iOadapt is very strong to hold your device securely in place.