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Holder with Large Tilt Swivel for Cable Attachment

Holder with Large Tilt Swivel for Cable Attachment
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Item: 846851

Availability: In Stock

  • Custom fit to your bare device
  • Plug in your own cable to create a charging holder
  • Combine with a ProClip vehicle mount to make a full mounting solution
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The cable plug must have the same measurements, design and shape as the one shown in the picture. Attach your own cable permanently to the bottom of this high quality custom made holder. It has a neat and discreet design. It keeps your device in an upright position for better reception. A locking feature at the holder base lets you lock a cable to the Holder (e.g. Audio/AUX/Data/Power/Sync/GPS/USB/ Video Cables etc.) creating a dock type connection for your device. The Holder angles 15 degrees for optimal viewing. Easily view, access, operate and slide your device in/out of the holder. No more fumbling around for your device.

Make Model
Honeywell Dolphin 9900