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Ball Mount with Move Clip

Ball Mount with Move Clip
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Item: 215567

Availability: In Stock

  • Custom fit to your bare device
  • Includes tilt-swivel to angle holder 15 degrees any direction
  • Rotate between portrait and landscape view
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This ball mount replaces the original suction cup mounts of many different GPS models. The added move clip allows you to take you device with you when leaving the car. A charging cable can be connected to the device when it is in place in the mount. You can adjust the angle of the device in order to avoid light reflection. Attach the mount onto a ProClip Vehicle Mount.
Make Model
TomTom Go Live 800
TomTom Go Live 820
TomTom Go Live 825
TomTom Start 20
TomTom Start 25
TomTom Start 50 (European version)
TomTom Via 100
TomTom Via 110 - Series
TomTom Via 115
TomTom Via 120 - Series
TomTom Via 120 Live
TomTom Via 125 - Series
TomTom Via 125 Live
TomTom Via 130
TomTom Via 135
TomTom Via 1400 - Series
TomTom Via 1405 - Series
TomTom Via 1415m
TomTom Via 1435 - Series
TomTom Via 1500 - Series
TomTom Via 1505 - Series
TomTom Via 1530 Series
TomTom Via 1535 - Series
TomTom Via 1605TM
TomTom Via LIVE 125
TomTom Via LIVE 1535
TomTom Via LIVE 825