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Standard Holder

Standard Holder
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Item: 511285

Availability: In Stock

  • Custom fit to your bare device
  • Includes tilt-swivel to angle holder 15 degrees any direction
  • Rotate between portrait and landscape view
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NOT for use with Hand Strap on back of tablet.

This holder is a cradle style mount custom made for a perfect fit with the Motorola ET1 tablet. The tilt swivel mount attached on the back of the holder allows for 15 degrees angling of the holders in any direction and it swivels 360 degrees, easily rotate between landscape and portrait position! The holders comes with the AMPS hole pattern for quick attachment to any flat surface or mounting brackets such as vehicle dashboard mounts, floor mounts, pedestal mounts or handlebar mounts. The holder accommodates the ET1 with or without the Bezel. It also accommodates the credit card module that can be attached on top of the ET1. The holder does not accommodate the hand strap that can be attached on back of the ET1.

Make Model
Zebra ET1
Zebra ET1