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Holder with Tilt Swivel

Holder with Tilt Swivel
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Item: 511197

Availability: In Stock

  • Custom fit to your bare device
  • Includes tilt-swivel to angle holder 15 degrees any direction
  • Rotate between portrait and landscape view
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This Holder tilts/angles 15 degrees for optimal viewing. It is a high quality custom made holder with a neat and discreet design. It keeps your device in an upright position for better reception. Easily slide your device in/out of the holder. No more fumbling around for your device. Provides for safer driving when viewing, accessing and operating your device in your vehicle.

Make Model
TomTom GO LIVE 1535 M
TomTom Go Live 825
TomTom Start 25
TomTom Start 50 (USA Version)
TomTom Via 115
TomTom Via 125 - Series
TomTom Via 135
TomTom Via 1500 - Series
TomTom Via 1505 - Series
TomTom Via 1530 Series
TomTom Via 1535 - Series
TomTom VIA 180
TomTom Via 2080
TomTom Via 380
TomTom Via 555
TomTom Via LIVE 125
TomTom Via LIVE 1535