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An Anchor on the Dashboard for Gadgets That Travel

As published on May 29, 2003 in the NY Times' Technology/Circuits section:
Finding a dashboard holder for your cellphone, palmtop computer or pocket navigational system can be complicated if your device or your car is not among the most popular models. 
One solution is a modular system from ProClip: a bracket mounted inside the car fits a holder designed for a phone or other device. 
There are brackets to fit just about every car sold in America, from a Geo to a Rolls Royce, and holders for almost 50 brands of portable devices. 
For some cars, module choices let you mount more than one device. The brackets cost $29.95 each, cellphone holders are $19.95, and holders for hand-held devices are $24.95 to $84.95 (the more expensive models include charger connections). You can place an order at the company's Web site, 
ProClip says that installation takes no more than 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Mounting a Sanyo phone in a 1996 Saab took about a 
minute and a half.