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ProClip USA, Inc. launches

McFarland, WI - February 09, 2006
ProClip USA, Inc. today announced it will provide in-car mounting solutions for HP iPAQ handhelds and other devices at powered by ProClip USA, Inc. is offering the only custom designed self-installable, in-car mounting solution for electronic devices in today’s global marketplace. ProClip mounts allow you to keep your electronic devices securely on your dashboard, within easy reach from the driver seat, without damaging your dashboard. ProClip USA, Inc. offers a truly needed solution for both consumer and fleet vehicles, providing a better, more convenient and safer driving experience.
“We are committed to working in partnership with HP to provide the most innovative in-car device mounting solutions. Our goal is to maintain our position as the premier provider of self-installable professional quality in-car device mounting products with a passion for quality and a commitment to perfection.” said Bjorn Spilling President and CEO of ProClip USA, Inc.
”We are excited to work with ProClip USA, as they provide a perfect travel companion for an HP iPAQ user when driving. ProClip offers our HP iPAQ customers a valuable tool that secures their devices in the car and allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road,” said Bobbykin Makwana, manager, iPAQ Product Marketing, HP. “ProClips combined with HP iPAQ handhelds give customers the freedom and flexibility to stay productive when on the go.