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ProClip USA Announces Apple iPad Mounting Solution

ProClip USA Tablet Mounts and Holders Make Apple iPad 1 & 2 Easier to View and Access While in the Car, at Home or in the Office

CHICAGO, IL - Sep 8, 2011
ProClip USA, Inc. today announced a variety of iPad holders designed to securely mount Apple's iPad 1 & 2 in the car, home and office. All holders, designed and manufactured by Brodit AB in Sweden, have a neat and discreet design and are custom made for both the iPad 1 & 2. The iPad slides easily in and out of the holder allowing quick docking and release.
In the Car Dashboard: The iPad Device Holders attach to car specific ProClip Vehicle Mounts. Once this two-part solution (Device Holder plus Vehicle Mount) is attached to the vehicle dashboard, it creates a mount that provides better viewing and easier access to your iPad. Device Holder options may include: tilt-swivel, docking pass-through connector for cable attachment, charging via USB or 12V power outlet and hardwire charging.
Headrest: The iPad Headrest Mount provides rear seat entertainment and is attached to the back of a front seat headrest. It comes with a tilt swivel so the iPad can be adjusted for optimal viewing. Installation is quick and will not damage the interior of the vehicle. The headrest mount fits most vehicles. All of the ProClip iPad Headrest Mounts have been crash tested and approved. Headrest Mount options may include: security lock, tilt-swivel, docking pass-through connector, cable attachment, charging via USB or 12V power outlet and hardwire charging.
At Home and in the Office Table or Desk: The new TableStand is designed for use on any flat surface e.g. counter, desk, table and more. It's angled so the iPad screen can be viewed from a sitting or a standing position. You can easily take the TableStand with you, from room to room, and connect your iPad to computers, TV etc.
Wall: Available in black or white and with a discreet and slim design, the Wall Mount is designed to attach to the wall, or any other flat surface. A Tilt Swivel can be attached to the back of the Wall Mount for better viewing angles. The mount keeps your iPad in an upright position and can be turned to either a portrait or landscape orientation.
"Creating mounting solutions, that keep up with current mobile devices and changing trends, is our goal," says Bjorn Spilling, president of ProClip USA. "We offer mounting solutions that are custom designed for virtually every car in the world, and all popular handheld devices."
Mounting solutions are also available for other Apple devices such iPhones and iPods.