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Drivers can install their own gadgets with ProClip

Drivers can install their own gadgets with ProClip custom-designed mounts and holders

MADISON - November 26, 2003
With new-fangled gadgets and technology changing faster than most people change cars, can car manufacturers really be expected to keep pace? In a recent article “Cars become overloaded with gadgets” by Royal Ford of the Boston Globe, it was noted that drivers can become overwhelmed by the complicated menus and touch screen devices packed into cars and SUVs. 
The next question—are drivers really asking for all the extras and high-tech wizardry? And what happens when a new device like the Apple iPod comes along? ProClip USA, a distributor of custom automotive mounts and holders for the Apple iPod and other communication accessories, has found its niche market by offering drivers greater flexibility. 
“With ProClip’s self-installed mounts, you don’t have to have your GPS system and other devices factory installed. If you sell your car or use another family member’s vehicle, you can take your favorite PDA, cell phone, GPS system and other devices with you,” explains Bjorn Spilling, president of ProClip USA. 
ProClip has automotive mounts for more almost every car, truck and SUV in the marketplace and custom-designed holders for more than 500 cell phones, PDAs and other devices like the increasingly popular Apple iPod. 
ProClip’s manufacturer Brodit AB, located in Sweden, can custom design and produce automotive mounts and holders within three weeks from the time a new vehicle or a communication device is introduced to the marketplace. This can occur even sooner when Brodit’s design team has preliminary access to the new vehicle or gadget. 
So is it necessary to load up your car with features and gadgets you may not use or can be outdated before you’re out of the car lot? According to ProClip, drivers can pick and choose their own gadgets and mount them securely on the dashboard or console within seconds and without damage to the car’s interior. 
ProClip products are available for purchase on the Internet at and through a number of wireless communication retail stores and outlets or by calling toll-free 800-296-3212.