ProClip Case Studies

ProClip products have been on the market for over 30 years. We have experience providing high-quality mobile device holders and mounts that facilitate the merger between mobile technology and workers. See how we've helped these companies improve worker safety and productivity by keeping mobile devices secure, fully charged and within easy reach.



Tablet Mounting Solutions for Veriha Trucking

ProClip Provides Samsung Tablet Mounting Solutions for Veriha Trucking

Veriha Trucking is a Midwest based fleet carrier with 300+ trucks and roughly 1,000 trailers. To comply with ELD Mandate Veriha reached out to find a solution that would meet their needs.




Tablet Mounting Solutions for New Enterprise Stone & Lime

ProClip Provides Samsung Tablet Mounting Solutions for New Enterprise Stone & Lime

New Enterprise Stone & Lime started using Central Dispatch Truck Tracking Software with Samsung Galaxy tablets, and they needed a solution for mounting these tablets in their fleet. They were working on a short timeline, and they were unable to find an off-the-shelf model to meet their needs.




Boosting Efficiency and Quality Control in Garden and Landscape Products Production

How a Samsung, LAVA and ProClip solution drives cutting-edge and paperless connected manufacturing on a smart plant floor

A client was looking to shift the tracking of manufacturing processes from paper to digital. Traditional paper-based manufacturing processes are time-consuming, unreliable and inefficient.

The Two-Part Mounting Solution

The Mounting Base

Our exact-fit mounting bases are made specifically for most car and truck models. The mounts easily snap into the seams of the dashboard for a solid and secure fit so you can mount your phone with confidence.

The Device Holder

Our holders are designed specifically for your smartphone, GPS or other mobile devices. Phone holder options can fit phones with or without cases, and charge wirelessly or with charging cables.

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