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Tablet Mounts for Your Garage

Tablet Mount for WorkbenchOur tablets come in handy for so many things in our daily lives, including completing projects around the house. With YouTube and blog videos at our fingertips, it's faster and easier than ever for the average weekend warrior to gain valuable knowledge from how-to and DIY tutorials. Streaming these videos where you are able to watch while doing the work can be very helpful. So, why not mount your tablet to the workbench in your garage or shop?

Mount a Tablet on Your Workbench

Mounting a tablet to a workbench or table in your home or garage is easy with our MultiStand or custom tablet holders. For iPad, use one of our versatile MultiStands. This tablet stand is custom made of high quality ABS plastic and designed to fit each specific iPad size and generation. Our Tilt-Swivel design makes it easy to view the screen at many different angles. Each MultiStand includes a wall mount adapter plate for easy installation when you need it.

For Android devices, select the brand and model of your device and choose your custom tablet holder. Next, select one of our Pedestal Mounts for a sturdy, heavy duty, fixed installation on any flat surface. Pedestal Mounts come in a variety of heights and styles to suit any mounting solution need. Pedestal mounts are also compatible with our custom iPad tablet mounts.


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