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Stroller Phone Holders and Mounts

Access Your Phone More Easily on Walks, Runs and Shopping Trips with a Phone Holder for Your Stroller

Our stroller mounting solution for phones makes heading out with the kids a little more convenient. Stroller undercarriages and compartments are great for storing much needed items like a change of clothes, snacks for the kids and even mom's purse. But while all the kids' goodies are neatly packed away, you're fumbling around for your phone while you attempt to search for a nearby restaurant on a shopping trip, track your run with a fitness app or answer a quick phone call. We have the solution: a ProClip custom Phone Holder and easy-to-install handlebar Strap Mount.


Stroller Mount for Phone

Stroller Mount for Phone

How to Mount a Phone to a Stroller with a ProClip

We know you are busy and always on-the-go. Our phone holders mount easily and quickly to the handlebars of your stroller with our Adjustable Strap Mount. Wrap the Strap Mount around your stroller handlebars and attach your Phone Holder to the face plate of the mount using the provided screws. That's it! You're ready to go and enjoy the outdoors.