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Shopping Cart Mount for Phones

Mount a Phone to a Shopping Cart and Turn an Ordinary Shopping Experience into a "Smart" One!

We all do it: misplace the coupons we spent time clipping, forget our shopping list at home, or better yet, try to read that crumpled piece of paper you pulled from your pocket or purse. Stop fumbling around in the aisles searching for that chicken soup recipe you found online last week - don't worry, we've been there. We can't help with all of your shopping needs, but our versatile Handlebar Mount can help make your shopping experiences and in store searches more convenient by giving you the ability to easily and quickly mount your phone to a shopping or grocery cart.


Shopping Cart Mount for Phone

Shopping Cart Mount for Phone

Use the handlebar mount on your shopping cart for:

  • Accessing shopping lists/apps
  • Searching for recipes online
  • Finding in store coupons online
  • Checking email while waiting in line
  • Answering unexpected calls from family, quickly


The Strap Mount easily and quickly wraps around handlebars and features a face plate for attaching your ProClip Phone Holder. Consider purchasing our Move Clip, which makes moving your device and holder from car, to home and even to shopping cart as easy as 1-2-3.