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Phone and Tablet Stands for Your Living Room

Perfect for Reading or Dual Screen Entertainment

The line between phone, tablet and computer is blurred. We use phones and tablets for reading, studying, gaming, working, online shopping, watching videos, listening to music and much more. Some cases and tablets have built-in kickstands, but what if you want something more versatile? Something you can use to prop your device up on a table, easily hold in one hand while typing with the other, or drape over your knees to make reading easy. Here is where the ProClip MultiStand comes in. Use it for lounging on the couch, online shopping in bed, or reading in your favorite spot.

Most of us juggle multiple things at one time. We're not just watching TV, but we're also looking up stories about the actors, posting to social media about what just happened in our favorite shows, or keeping tabs on scores and players. The ProClip Desk Stand keeps your phone propped in front of you. For a more universal solution, try our magnetic iOstand and iOmini for phones and tablets.



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Tablet Stand for Reading


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