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Mobile Mounting Solutions for Boats, Yachts and Ships

ProClip mounting solutions provide the boating industry with mobile device holders for the latest tablets, smart phones, two-way radios and more. Our unique hollow-core pedestals and strong pipe mounts connect seamlessly to your marine vehicle. Pair your boat mount with a custom device holder built to grip a waterproof case.

Utilizing precision CNC machining and high grade polymers we produce precise-fitting, corrosion resistant and extremely durable mobile mounts you can count on to hold your device securely in place throughout the day and in the most extreme conditions. 

ProClip Mounting Solutions:

  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity
  • Improve Safety: Devices are Secure and Within Reach
  • Protect Devices from Damage
  • Keep Batteries Charged
  • Ensure Accessibility: To Keyboards, Screens, Scanners, and Ports