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Here you can find extra machine screws for mounting ProClip Pedestals, or attaching device holders to them.

  • 3 Results

This set of screws can be used to mount a custom ProClip holder to one of our pedestal mounts.

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  • Screw set for mounting holders to pedestal mounts
  • Can also be used to mount a locking move clip
  • Fits round or square bases
  • Includes: 4 screws / 4 nuts / 1 Torx key
$3.99 USD
Item 215536

These black cap screws and lock washers are an effective way to secure a Tilt-Swivel Base or Pedestal Mount Base to a 4mm brass insert, (utilized in several of our ABS Bases or Adapter Plates) or to an M4 threaded metal plate, such as our Dashboard Back Plates or VESA plates.

  • Use to attach a Tilt-Swivel Base or Pedestal Mount base to a 4mm brass insert or threaded metal plate
  • Contents: 4 screws, 4 lock washers, 3 mm Allen key
  • M4 Diameter
  • 12 mm Thread
  • 4 mm Head
$3.99 USD
Item 215537
If you need to attach a device holder or a angled top plate to one of our pedestals this set of screws is a perfect fit. Includes four screws and locking nuts for a secure hold.
  • Extra screw set for aluminum pedestal mounts
  • Fits the AMPS base, device holders, and the swiveling top plate
  • Includes: 4 screws / 4 lock nuts
$3.99 USD
  • 3 Results