Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holders

Our iOauto Magnetic Phone Holders Fit Nearly Every Phone

iOauto The iOauto System is a universal device holder that makes securing your phone in your car easier than ever. The key is a magnetic core that provides a strong hold, yet easily releases your device with a simple tug. The result is a sleek, modern design that's compatible with almost any phone, tablet or GPS, regardless of what type of phone case you use.

The ProClip USA iOauto System consists of three parts: a magnetic core and base that hold the device, a vehicle-specific mount and a steel disk. Here's how they work together:
  • Secure the iOmounts base and magnetic core to an installed ProClip vehicle mount
  • Attach the supplied iOadapt steel disc to your phone, tablet or other small device
  • This thin disc allows you to magnetically mount your device to the iOmounts core

The iOadapt disc can be attached to the back of the device itself or to a case. It's so small you won't even notice it's there. Two discs are included so you can attach each to a different device and switch between devices depending on who is driving. Or, if you drive more than one vehicle, you can install a second iOauto Magnetic phone mounting base into your other vehicle to have a consistent mounting option for your phone.
There are no magnets in the iOadapt disc that attaches to your device, and the magnet within the iOmounts core won't harm your device.

iOauto Magnetic Cores

The Magnetic Phone Mount Rotates 360 Degrees
You have two options to choose from: the iOauto and the iOauto Pro. Both allow for infinite rotation so you can switch your device between portrait and landscape, but the iOauto Pro sits atop a silver sphere base that allows you to tilt your device up to 45 degrees in any direction.
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Protective Skin
Included with the iOauto and iOauto Pro are two clear skins that can be used to provide a barrier between your device and/or case and the strong adhesive of the iOadapt disc.
Choose Your Favorite Magnetic Phone Mount Color
Show off your personality or match your vehicle style. The iOauto Pro comes in six different colors that attach to a dashboard mounting base for your complete iOauto Pro mounting solution!

How the Two Magnetic Car Phone Options Work

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