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ViewSonic Tablet Holders

Tablet Holders for Cars and Trucks: Part 1 of Our 2-Part Custom Solution

Tablet Holders for CarsWe have Tablet Holders for all uses in your daily life, from in the vehicle or home, to public areas such as: retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, reception areas, doctor's office, conference rooms, schools, trade show displays or simply to entertain your rear seat passengers.

Our custom Tablet Holders accommodate many configurations:
  • Tablets with cases, like OtterBox Defender
  • Heavy-duty key lock holders for additional security
  • Spring lock holders for safety with quick access
  • Holders with tilt swivel to allow for viewing in portrait and landscape mode
  • Charging holders via hard wire, USB or your car's cigarette plug outlet

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Only our crash-tested locking (key or spring lock) Tablet Holders are suitable for use with our Headrest Mounts. Use of any other holder on our Headrest Mounts may cause injury or death.