Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Holder with Tilt Swivel

Features & Benefits

  • Custom fit to your device
  • Keeps your device within easy reach
  • Easily slide device in and out of holder
  • Angle holder 20 degrees any direction
  • Portrait and Landscape view, great for navigation
  • Discreet design blends well with vehicle interior
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS Plastic

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Item #: 511273
Price: USD $49.99
Due to the size of the Tablet it may block buttons or not fit on your dashboard when used with a vehicle dashboard mount. Please review where your ProClip dashboard mount will be located and check if the tablet will fit in that location.
Product Info
How to Install

This Tablet holder is a cradle style mount that has a tilt and swivel feature on the back. It is a high quality custom made holder with a neat and discreet design. Easily slide your tablet in/out of the holder. With this tablet holder you can use your tablet in a horizontal and a vertical position, and easily rotate between the two positions. You can also angle/tilt the tablet 15 degrees for better viewing and to avoid glare. Regardless of position the tablet holder keeps the tablet securely in place.

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