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Tablet Holders for Cars and Trucks: Part 1 of Our 2-Part Custom Solution

Tablet Holders for CarsWe have Tablet Holders for all uses in your daily life, from in the vehicle or home, to public areas such as: retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, reception areas, doctor's office, conference rooms, schools, trade show displays or simply to entertain your rear seat passengers.

Our custom Tablet Holders accommodate many configurations:
  • Tablets with cases, like OtterBox Defender
  • Heavy-duty key lock holders for additional security
  • Spring lock holders for safety with quick access
  • Holders with tilt swivel to allow for viewing in portrait and landscape mode
  • Charging holders via hard wire, USB or your car's cigarette plug outlet

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Only our crash-tested locking (key or spring lock) Tablet Holders are suitable for use with our Headrest Mounts. Use of any other holder on our Headrest Mounts may cause injury or death.

Sorry, we do not currently have a holder for the device you are searching for. To check on future availability, please e-mail us at sales@proclipusa.com.