ProClip iPad 2 Headrest Mounts

"Respected for years as a leader in high-end
dashboard mounts for iPods and iPhones,
ProClip is moving into the back seat with a
series of iPad 2 Headrest Mounts. Unlike rivals,
ProClip says its mounts will be safety-certi!ed in
“crash testing that exceeds automotive industry
impact standards,” a di"erence that may well be
of interest to concerned parents. The company’s
traditional Tilt-Swivel feature will be included
to allow the iPad 2 to rotate 360 degrees or
tilt 20 degrees; you’ll also have pass-through
port support so that you can easily connect a
charging cable for extended drives. One of the
mounts will include a lock and key feature so
that the iPad 2 will be harder to steal when left
in a car, though we’d be surprised if any thief
would leave such a nice mount behind"

Page 17 of the iLounge Buyer's Guide (May 31. 2011)

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