iPhone 3G Docks Easily in Your Vehicle with the New iPhone Holder from ProClip USA

September 30, 2008

Consumer installable mounting solutions make iPhone 3G easier to view, access, charge and connect to your stereo while in the car.

CHICAGO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—ProClip USA, Inc. today announced the launch of a new device holder with tilt swivel and pass-through connector designed to securely mount iPhones to car, truck and SUV dashboards and consoles. The pass-through connector creates a docking station to which you can connect your stereo cable, charging cable or any other 30 pin dock connector cable.

These holders, designed and manufactured by Brodit AB in Sweden, are custom made for the new iPhone 3G and attach to vehicle specific ProClip dashboard mounts. Once this two part solution (Device Holder plus Vehicle Mount) is attached, to the vehicle dashboard, the solution provides better viewing and easier access. ProClip holders may also be attached to other manufacturers’ vehicle mounts or any other flat surface.

“Securely and conveniently mounting handheld devices like the iPhone, without damaging a vehicle’s interior, is what we do best,” says Bjorn Spilling, president of ProClip USA. “We offer mounting solutions that are custom designed for virtually every car in the world, and all popular handheld devices.”

The Holder with Tilt Swivel and Pass-Through Connector will make docking and undocking, your iPhone, easier and more convenient. Attach your stereo cable, charging cable or other iPhone dock connector cable, to the bottom of the Holder, to create a docking station for your iPhone. You no longer need to plug and unplug the cable each time. Your iPhone is conveniently on the dash within easy reach and slides in and out of the holder with one hand. The holder is custom made with a neat and discreet design. It tilts 15 degrees in any direction for optimal viewing.

The ProClip Vehicle Mount is the only vehicle specific, consumer installable mounting bracket in today’s global market. The mount clips into the dashboard seams, providing a very sturdy and tight fit. Average installation time is 2 minutes. No dismantling of the dashboard is required and there is no damage to the vehicle’s interior!

Other holders are also available for first generation iPhones and iPods. All products available at www.proclipusa.com

About ProClip USA ProClip USA, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of ProClip in-vehicle device mounting solutions and accessories. The ProClip products are custom fit for virtually every vehicle model and handheld device available, such as, cell phones, smart phones, PNDs, UMPCs, MP3 players, navigation systems, satellite radios, tablet PCs and small monitors. The products are formed from quality ABS plastic. The company philosophy is to provide customers with the same level of quality they expect from the vehicles and devices they are using. The result is innovative, convenient, secure, easy-to-install mounting solutions that provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.